The Pluto Experience

Pluto is best known as The Disruptor! 

 Are you searching for a new approach, new purpose or new perspective? Pluto has you covered. Pluto enters the cosmic field of Aquarius on March 23rd 2023 and has been known to shake things up. 

 It is an extremely potent and powerful energy that rules all that is unseen, unheard or under the surface. It is mostly known to disrupt and destroy so it can create. 

 I believe we should know how to work with such energy to make lasting change

 I would love to teach you how to connect with planets and how to work with the energies they project.

Pluto is requesting the following:

That you let go of what it is demanding of you. It only wants you to feel a deep connection, lasting alignment with your deepest most profound self and for you to understand your energy and how you naturally flow with the Universe. 

That you receive all that is aligned with your natural self, especially your gifts, strengths and abilities. 

That you be willing to transform what is unseen, unheard and creates inner struggle in your unconscious.

How it is going to work:

Facebook Group – all information, modules, intuitive knowing, meditations will be delivered in the Facebook Group. 

The group will be open for 4 months. 

Be willing to be Interactive. You must be willing to share your experience in the group and to work through the light and dark of the Pluto experience. 

Everything will be recorded, so if you can't make it live, there will be replays available

 If you want a more personalized experience, I will be offering 1:1 session at an extra cost.

Cost: $150 for all 4 months of the experience.
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Who is Angela?

I’m Angela Blaha. Empowering women to thrive is my passion. I combine Intuition, Psychology and Business and help people transform their mental and emotional bondage to liberation and freedom. I believe we all need to step into our personal power and lead in every capacity of our lives. You will experience massive shifts and people will notice. I thrive witnessing you manifesting and creating the life of your dreams and to live aligned with your soul.