Authentic Self Mentoring
A Month of Mentoring & Personalize Support Through Voxer

Are you living your life according to societal norms that really do not fit who you really are? And you feel as if those norms are slowly destroying you. 

 When you become the authentic self, every thought, word, emotion and action aligns with the real you. Those parts of you that you have been hiding for so long and now you have this deep calling to change all of that.......Authentic Self Mentoring is the key.

This program is for you:

if you are ready to be in rhythm with your natural abilities and to use your natural abilities to lead in the world and in life.

if you are ready to live authentically and empowered. 

if you are ready to build meaningful relationships. 

if you are ready to make life changing decisions. 

if you are ready to live passionately. 

if you are ready to live Intuitively, really listen to the inner knowledge. 

if you are ready to set boundaries and move away from toxic situations.

When you live authentically you feel happier, more empowered, more confident. Creativity and abundance come to you naturally because you stop the internal struggle. Need trust in yourself opens doors for new beginnings, new opportunities and possibilities.

If you are motivated to learn more about yourself and to live AUTHENTICALLY!

Here's how it works...

You and I will connect on Voxer, a walkie-talkie app. This is available on our phone or computer. You will get my username when you book your spot.

I use my Intuition in my mentoring programs because I can see where your vibrations are entangled, broken, wounded, traumatized, hurt and the focus of healing these wounds, so you can Thrive.

My Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 10am to 5 pm. You can ask as many questions as you need to and I will answer them during my office hours. We will be touching base at a relaxed pace as things come up. You don't need to be waiting by the phone. Depending on the question or topic, I may answer quickly, or I may take some time to connect deeply with your soul and to relay the best/highest answer. The best thing is you can go about doing the things you need to do during this time period! And you have the space to think about the replies, and think of any new questions that come up!

Client Love

This soul mentoring experience has been Life Altering!

"I truly trust myself. Usually, I would have so many questions and the mind would race like crazy but now I trust myself and I know the answers to all the questions. I operate a 500K grant and I trust the plan I have in place for 2023 will be so amazing. I do not feel I am a target at work any longer because I trust who I am now, thanks to Soul Mentoring! I love this opportunity!"

 Happy Client

When you recognize your own Power, you change your life.

"Seeing myself for the very first time was life changing. Recognizing my leadership abilities and deciding to LOVE them has changed my entire life. I was in a non-trusting relationship and now I have created healthy boundaries, so I don’t repeat that pattern of not being able to trust someone that I want to support me. 

My third eye is now open which I have spent years trying to open and with your guidance I am now able to connect much more deeply. It is quite amazing how much I didn’t realize was possible until this happened. 

Also, Angie I am so so appreciative of your mentorship. It’s literally life changing. It reminds me of when my Hunka Ina said, “people won’t always understand you, but a tree will.”

 Happy Client

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